to my journey!

Firstly, I should introduce myself. I am Amy MacCulloch, an individual who is fascinated about the crazy world we live in.

My blog is about my past, present and future travel experiences and endeavours. I am very excited to say that I am off travelling again next week! So far I have travelled to Western/Northern/Central Europe, UK, Northern Ireland, Kuala Lumpur, Fiji, USA, Canada, Vanuatu and of course parts of my home country, Australia.. or as we like to call it ‘Straya’.

Why do I love to travel? Well, I think it all started when I was a child. Every July our family would hop in the car and road trip from our hometown of Goulburn (near Canberra) to Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. This trip took two days so we would stop in a random place overnight on our way. On our way up each year we never stayed in the same place. I liked the fact that dad would drive into a town I didn’t know and would pull up to any random hotel and we would sleep there for the night. I think it is the unfamiliar that fascinates me.

I didn’t travel internationally till I was eighteen. As a child I begged my parents to take us overseas so after many years they gave in and we went on a family holiday to Fiji! And boy were there some funny (and cringeworthy) times we had.

So brace yourselves (or brace yourself, Amy) for the good, the bad and the funny parts of my times as a wanderer.

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